What Is ManufactureIT ?

ManufactureIT are a UK based company which takes customers concepts and develop the idea into a manufactured product ready for use or the retail market.

The company offer tailored services to each individual customers need, whether it be at the initial stage of finding a trusted product designer to turn drawings and thoughts into 3D CAD models, supplying prototype models or manufacturing parts that have already been designed.

ManufactureIT differ from other companies offering similar services, as the company not only has a trusted network to source specialist services but also have a design and manufacturing facility within the UK capable of product design work, prototype model making and manufacturing plastic injection mould tools.  

Can ManufactureIT Benefit You ?

We offer a impartial service which is based around the customers needs and budget. The customer can benefit from our extensive network of trusted product design companies throughout the UK to begin the process of making their ideas a reality.  Using our network of design houses, ManufactureIT can save clients money  by supplying them several quotes for the design service and allowing them to choose which suits their budget best, we can advise on each quote but will never sway a customers decision.

Using our experience of manufacture for the mass production market we actively make  sure the parts being designed by the product design team are designed as simple as possible to eliminate later problems regarding manufacturability.

Moving on from the design stage ManufactureIT offer in house or economically sourced  prototype models , depending on the requirements for the client to assess or show their potential customers. Any in house prototyping made for clients that we are helping develop a product will be offered at a discount price as part of the development process , any sourced prototype models will have several quotes from our supplier network from which our customer can determine is the best fit for their budget.

Manufacture Stage - Getting The Final Product In Mass Quantities

There are many more processes and stages than on this page , however assuming they are completed and it is now time for the client to proceed to the point of mass production.

ManufactureIT can help the client with tailored services depending on their criteria and budget. Our companies network of manufacturers can cover almost all aspects of mass production.

There are many specialised ways to mass produce items, whether it be plastic moulded parts or specialist tube bending, we advise the client on which is required and provide them with costs , delivery times etc so they can make their decision.

We manufacture injection mould tools here in the UK for plastic  however we also source from other suppliers abroad if the UK prices are out with the clients budget.

Cost Effective Price Sourcing: Large UK and World Resource Network : UK Manufacturing Facilities


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