Product Design - The process begins

Choosing a Designer

Product Design is the initial stage in the development process after we have established a full understanding of both what the client is requiring and if their concept is viable to manufacture.

Once it is accepted ManufactureIT understand the clients need then the process of contacting product design teams within the UK that are experienced in the design needs to successfully design the clients product. At this stage the initial contact would be between ourselves and design houses to establish if they are interested and confident in being involved in project.

Once we have established a shortlist of interested parties then we would start to go into the depth and detail of the design requirements, this may involve meetings that require ourselves and the client to attend to have discuss the concept and ideas so the design teams have a confident perception on what they are quoting on. This allows them to offer a more specific quote. From here it is the clients decision on which design firm they have the confidence with to move forward.

The Design Stage

Assuming the design firm has been selected, then the project can move forward and between the client , product designer and ourselves the actual design of the parts which make up the final product will commence. The timescale to design the product is dependent  on complexity of the design required, however we work to ensure that the designers work within the quoted timeframe through requesting updates.

There are many stages within the design process and it is possible several designers with specific specialities could be involved in the project, however the design team would be responsible for implementing this.

Completion of Design

On the completion of the initial design work it is usual practice for 3D prototype models to be manufactured. These will give both the designer , the client and if required the clients end customer a representation of the final part. More important it will allow the designer and client to decide if any modifications are required on the design data before considering mass production options. It is not unusual for several stages of models to be made in order to find the exact design requirements needed.

ManufactureIT would become involved again at this stage, sourcing the correct prototype models required and starting to look towards the manufacture for mass production.

Design for Manufacture

Design for manufacture is more than just a title, if a product is not designed correctly then it may be possible that it could not be manufactured (the possibility to 3D print a part does not make it manufacturable.

As we only use experienced designers, in general we do not ever have problems regarding this however it is in general becoming more of a problem. At ManufactureIT our client can be assured that using our manufacturing experience we make sure all parts designed are fully manufacturable in the real environment.

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