Manufacture - Sourcing the required specialist industries to cost effectively mass produce the finished product

The manufacturing stage can be the most complex and important stage of the project, this is where combining all the needed industries is required to acquire the parts to assemble the product. This has to be done efficiently to gain parts which have a competitive part price, good quality in both functionality and aesthetics and a reliable lead time in order to get the product to the end customer on the required date.   

ManufactureIT can make the manufacturing stage a smooth process for the client using our own UK based injection mould tool manufacturing facility (if required) or sourcing from our large network of specialist industries whether it be die cast manufacturing , specialist metal bending or fabrication. Our company have the experience and knowledge to work alongside varied industries in order to help achieve the customers budget, delivery schedule and of course quality required.

Mass Production Manufacturing Services Offered Include

Plastic And Rubber Injection Mould Tooling (in house )

Rubber Compression Tooling (in house option available)

Specialist Metal and Tube Bending

Die Cast Tooling

Part Welding and Fabrication

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Plastic injection mould tool and mould base pocketed for inserts